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Questions for an Advisor?

How To Choose A Financial Advisor

When selecting a financial advisor, don’t leave anything to chance. Do not assume that a referral from a friend will meet your specific or personal needs or goals.

Here are 10 questions you might ask before you continue with or seek a new financial advisor.

How To Choose A Financial Advisor

Few things are as valuable as experience. Ask how long and where the financial advisor has practiced investment and financial planning.

Read the advisor’s biography.

These indicate specialized knowledge.

The advisor should understand, design, implement, and manage your financial plan while acting as an informal Chief Financial Officer of your “family office.”

Choose a family office you can work with to serve you and your generational family. A way of electronically storing documents would be helpful.

The advisor should have a team with a qualified staff.

No one works for free, so learn about compensation, whether commission or fee based.

The advisor should make local house calls for everyone, the infirmed, family members, give seminars for your associations, meet your referrals, etc.

If it’s good for the advisor, it might be good for you. It shows his core investment philosophy. Ask the advisor to describe his typical client. If it sounds similar to you, it could be a match.

Talk is important, but paperwork is needed. Look for advisors who offer investment policy statements and use agendas.